From frustration to conversion: Elevating website engagement with conversational search

Driving traffic to your website is hard.

There are so many moving parts that need to come together to get the right people to your website. You have to create content that’s worth reading, optimize your pages for search engines, and then promote the heck out of it on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

And depending on your business, you need to run and constantly optimize pay-per-click ads on search engines, review portals, and social media. 

Every visit matters and costs money, making it critical for businesses to drive meaningful engagement with each and every visitor to drive higher conversions and lower acquisition costs.

So, you’ve done the work, and your analytics tools tell you that you’re finally driving traffic, only for the same tools to tell you that your bounce rates are high and conversion rates are low.

So, what’s going wrong?

Visitors don't have the patience to navigate through all your content

Most visitors aren’t big fans of reading. In fact, they’d rather do just about anything else than read long-form content or go through a tedious process in order to find what they need. 

As visitors increasingly engage in rushed site skims, businesses are seeing their scroll rates and session durations fall.

According to Dr. Gloria Mark’s research, our average attention span on screens was 2.5 minutes in 2004; 75 seconds a few years later; and it’s down to 47 seconds today—a decrease of more than 50%. In other words, businesses have a very narrow and shrinking window of opportunity to capture visitor attention and keep them on their sites.

Poor website structure is one of the biggest factors leading to bounces. Visitors often have a frustrating experience trying to find relevant information on sites with complex menus and endless dropdowns. Visitors head to where they can find what they are looking for fast. So, even if your website has the information visitors are searching for, they’ll just bounce off of it and look elsewhere unless everything is easily accessible right then and there. 

One way to tackle this is by reworking your website’s structure and layout, but depending on the amount of content you have—and its complexity—this can be costly and time-consuming.

Enter GPT-powered conversational website search

Conversational website search improves customer engagement and is quick, effective, and cost-efficient.


Conversational search, unlike traditional keyword-based search, helps visitors locate the information they need instantly by typing questions in a natural way. Instead of laboriously searching through multiple pages and menus, users can simply ask for what they need.


Many conversational search chatbots have come up in the last few years, but none of them delivered the truly human-like interactions needed to keep visitors engaged. But ChatGPT’s entry in November 2022 changed all this.

ChatGPT and its successor GPT-4 have put AI back in the limelight.

With its ability to deliver nuanced answers and crack jokes—not to mention compose music, write code, create stunning videos, solve math equations, and more—GPT is well on its way to revolutionizing almost everything, including conversational website search.

Businesses can harness GPT to add conversational search capabilities to their websites and make locating information easier for users. Tools like Superseek that are built on top of GPT allow businesses to make all their website and help content conversational, allowing customers to converse with their website in the same way they would talk to someone.

Here are a couple of ways in which adding AI-powered conversational website search benefits your website and your business.


Instant answers, lower bounce rates

With conversational search added, visitors can instantly get the answers they need, reducing frustration and minimizing bounces.


Higher session durations and conversions

By efficiently directing visitors to the relevant content, you increase the amount of time they spend on your site and increase their likelihood of converting.


Improved content intelligence

Conversational website search tools also provide a goldmine of actionable visitor search information to help you identify content gaps, improve your messaging, and guide your overall content strategy.


Better SEO, higher traffic

By lowering your bounce rate and increasing session duration, search engines will rank your website even higher—thereby generating more traffic.


Multilingual experience

Conversational website search tools powered by GPT are multilingual out of the box, so businesses can service a global audience without having to invest in localization.

Wrapping up

The world has changed, and businesses need to embrace the latest advancements in AI to stay ahead and stay relevant. Customer expectations from websites continue to rise, and embedding AI-powered conversational website search is an easy way for businesses to deliver a delightful website experience and improve customer engagement.

Help customers and visitors get answers fast with AI.


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