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What is an AI credit?

Using the default GPT-3.5-turbo model costs 1 AI credit per AI response. But if you switch to the more powerful GPT-4-turbo model, it’s more expensive, costing 15 AI credits per response. You can switch between AI models anytime.

What content can I add?

You can include various types of content in your AI bot’s knowledge, including your website content (the entire site, specific pages, help center, blogs, etc.), documents (currently limited to PDFs), and plain text. Your AI bot can answer questions based on all the content you add.

How secure is the content I add?

All uploaded documents are immediately deleted after the text is extracted. We follow all security best practices and rely on reputed vendors such as Heroku and Supabase to handle your content.

OpenAI cannot access your content to train their AI models. Your content is not used for any purpose other than to answer questions.

How is my content used?

Your content is ingested to create a knowledge repository for your AI bot. When a question is asked, the relevant pieces of information from your content are identified and used to generate a helpful answer.

Your content is not used for any purpose other than to provide answers. OpenAI cannot access your content to train their AI models.

How is it different from ChatGPT?

ChatGPT excels at addressing general questions; however, it falls short when it comes to providing accurate information about your product or service since it lacks access to your specific content. It also has a tendency to generate inaccurate made-up responses, referred to as hallucinations.

Superseek is a custom ChatGPT for your business trained on all the content you provide about your product or service. With Superseek, you get an expert AI assistant with ChatGPT’s impressive capabilities, offering accurate answers to any question about your product or service without the risk of hallucinations.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime.

You can continue to access paid Superseek features until the end of the billing cycle. You will be downgraded to the free plan once your current billing cycle is complete.

Can I change the AI instructions (prompt)?

Yes, you can change your AI bot’s instructions anytime.

What happens when I use up my AI credits?

When your AI credits run out, your AI bot will default to the provided fallback ‘I don’t know’ response for every question. You can either wait until the start of the next month to replenish your AI credits or upgrade to a plan with higher limits.

How does content auto-sync work?

Superseek keeps your AI bot’s knowledge base current by updating it regularly—daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your plan. This ensures up-to-date answers.

You can also manually sync individual pages after making content edits to instantly update your AI bot’s knowledge base.

Can I fix the AI's answers?

Absolutely, you can improve the AI’s responses by correcting them. Just add your correction, and the AI bot will use it in the future.

What if I need even more AI credits?

You can upgrade to our Pro plan from within Superseek to unlock 50,000 AI credits per month and daily content syncs of up to 5000 pages.

Reach out to us at for custom limits and requirements.

Can i get a demo?

Certainly. Please drop us a mail at to schedule a personalized demo.

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